• Medford School Board 

    The Constitution of the State of Oregon mandates that the Legislature provide by law for the establishment of a uniform and general system of common schools. Enabling statutes provide for the organization of a local school district, and the election of a Board of Directors to supervise its operations (SB Policy BB). The general powers and mandatory duties of the Board include Policy Development, Educational Planning and Appraisal, Staffing and Appraisal, Financial Resources, School Facilities, Communication with public, and Judicial (SB Policy BBA). 

    Due to COVID-19: Meetings are scheduled in the Boardroom with limited seating available due to physical distance restrictions. As an alternative for the public, Board meetings can be viewed live, or on-demand afterward, by visiting: portal.stretchinternet.com/msbm/.

    The Board meeting and Work Session meeting dates can be found on the board adopted calendar. The district boardroom entrance is located off of the parking lot on Monroe Street. All regular and special meetings of the Board are open to the public except as provided by law.

    Medford School Board – Mission and Goals 2019-20

    Medford School District Mission Statement

    To foster the talents and interests of a community of life-long learners through a meaningful education that challenges students to reach their unlimited potential.

    BOARD GOAL 1: Academic Excellence

    We will provide a learning environment that ensures ALL students can become proficient in all academic standards and where academic MASTERY is encouraged for all.

    Proficiency is the minimum standard, but the expectation is that all students will receive the instruction and support needed to excel to the highest academic standards of which they are capable.

    BOARD GOAL 2: Equity for All

    We will promote a school environment of EQUITY for ALL in which students find connections, meaning, and understanding in their daily school experiences.

    All students will become affiliated and engaged with the educational process through connections to caring adults, like-minded peers, meaningful curriculum and coursework, and ultimately their own learning.

    BOARD GOAL 3: 3rd Grade Reading

    Ensure that each elementary student READS at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade.

    Beginning in kindergarten, all students will be assessed in reading and will be provided with any and all necessary instruction and interventions to ensure each student reads at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade.

    3rd grade Reading Proficiency %





    Aspirational Goal





    Stretch Goal










    BOARD GOAL 4: High School Graduation

    Increase the GRADUATION rate.

    A high school diploma is a foundational credential. We want our students to complete a rigorous and focused academic program of studies, earn a credentialed diploma whereby each student can earn dual credit, articulated credit, or an industry certification, and have a credible working plan for their growth and training at the post-secondary level. We expect an annual district graduation rate of 80% by 2018, 85% by 2020, and 90% by 2025.