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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team

We aim to know all students by name, strength, and need & do something about it!


This is a standing committee that provides input to improve student success in our district. The goals of the team are to:

  1. Enhance student achievement through the continued practices of our DEI plan.

  2. Encourage the growth of knowing every student by Name, Strength and Need. 

  3. Create connection and belonging amongst our new members.

A DEI Team is responsible for gathering and utilizing multiple perspectives to:

  • Mitigate bias and recommend sound practices to MSD, and

  • Research and recommend priorities and/or possible strategies aligned with MSD coherency map and story of a student, and

  • Make collective recommendations for MSD leadership teams based on data to improve student outcomes.


1) Cross-Cultural Team: Time with all team participants learning together and sharing belonging for our students.

2) Implementation Team: Time with your specific team to implement the goals of the DEI Plan´╗┐.

3) Name, Strength and Need Advisory: Time with members, superintendent and/or Board to review strengths & needs.

Committee Membership

The committee will be composed of 50+ students, parents, staff and community members. To ensure the committee reflects the diverse population of Medford Schools, we will recruit family members who represent those who have traditionally been less involved in schools.