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Family Engagement



We value partnerships with our families and believe those partnerships are critical to student success. 

The Family Engagement Team:

  • Promotes systems that embody the stories of our students and knowing each student by NAME, STRENGTH, & NEED.

  • Increases student success through intentional FAMILY OUTREACH.

  • Fosters COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS as a way to engage students and families.



Our team is committed to responding to community and nationwide needs as they arise and embracing a culture of feedback both internally and externally so our students and families have options that are open and hopeful and they are able to own their present and future.


Our success is based on the partnerships we create. Each and every one of our students deserves to be met with the correct resources as we nurture and grow their potential. Our family liaisons are here to support with community care services.


We are a growth-minded team focused on relating to people. Having shared values in diversity, equity and inclusion fosters a culture for students where they are known and challenged. Harmonizing community is a priority in serving the students of our Medford schools.


Positive Attendance Specialists: Our specialists work as a district team to provide schools with positive support services and trauma-informed care interventions designed to engage students, families, and school personnel with techniques to improve and maintain regular, on-time attendance and enhance the student experience. This includes creating student success plans to address attendance concerns and coordinate services with family liaisons and community partners.

Family Liaisons: Our family liaisons support systemic school change by working alongside our DEI Team and building family and community connections to enhance student achievement.


We build external connections through partnerships that support our community schools at every level.  Let us connect you with the right match for your school.

Healthy Start Block Party Community Partners Foster Parent

Marisa Poling

Family and Equity Coordinator


Nora Chavez

Family Liaison (Bilingual)