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How to Be a Volunteer

How to Be a Volunteer

The research is clear about the role of parent, family and community involvement — it makes a significant difference in student achievement. We are fortunate to have a very supportive and engaged community that understands and appreciates the important role education plays in the overall health of our community.

  • Be punctual and dependable. Students, teachers and staff members rely on the services performed by volunteers.  We ask that you contact the school or teacher if you are unable to volunteer on your scheduled day. Please arrive with enough time to get checked-in and organized. 
  • Keep confidential information confidential. Exercise confidentiality.

Volunteers must protect a teacher’s and student’s right to privacy. Please disclose sensitive school or personal matters which have come to your attention only with the teacher or administration.  

  • Represent our district. As a volunteer, you will represent your specific school(s) and Medford School District. Help spread the word about the good things that your school is doing. Answer questions when you can, or urge people to call the district for more information. 
  • Set a good example. Students and visitors follow school and district policies. This includes dress, language and conduct. Please dress appropriately, engage in a respectful manner. Attire should be neat, clean, comfortable and appropriate for a school setting.

Problems or Concerns

If you have problems or concerns in your volunteer assignment, talk to your immediate supervisor.  If you have problems with your supervisor, speak with the building volunteer coordinator.  Please let these people know about any difficulties you are having in your work so you can work together to find a solution. We want you to be productive and happy. 

Volunteers have an important role at the Medford School District.  Thank you for sharing your time and talents! Each person who helps a child learn is someone who makes a difference in that child’s life. Schools are safe, nurturing places for students to grow and learn, and the work you do makes that environment even more rich and meaningful.

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