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Early College Credits

Medford School District offers many ways students can earn college credit while in high school. Some options include courses on our high school campuses. Students may also earn college and high school credit concurrently by taking courses online or on the RCC or SOU campuses. For more information, reach out to your school counselor or Future Center.



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RCC ‘College Now’ Credits

  • Courses are taken at the high school (taught by HS teachers)

  • Credits are free for families

  • Dual credit earned (high school and college)

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SOU ‘Advanced Southern Credit’ (ASC)

  • Courses are taken at the high school (taught by HS teachers)

  • Dual credit earned (high school and college)

  • MSD pays tuition for students who have financial hardship; families pay a per credit cost to SOU otherwise

Early College

RCC Expanded Options & SOU Early Entry

  • Good academic standing and pre-approval required by high school counselor or administrator

  • College courses are taken at RCC or SOU or virtually

  • MSD pays tuition and may for textbooks and materials

  • 100 or higher level courses only

  • Schools send 3rd Party Vouchers to RCC (Cc: me for billing)

  • Courses may be counted toward high school credit if student brings their college transcript to their registrar and receives approval from administrator

  • Contact your Future Center for information and enrollment

Advanced Placement (AP)

  • MSD pays exam fee for all students

  • Student is responsible for designating a college to receive their score

  • There may be an additional charge to provide AP score to other colleges

  • The receiving college determines which course and how many credits are provided by passing an AP exam

MSD may connect students with college advisors for degree program requirements.

Families/students are responsible for verifying whether credits may transfer to another colleges. Number of college credits earned in HS may impact scholarship or financial aid eligibility. Many private colleges will only award college credit for an AP class if the student achieves a certain score on the AP exam. Some colleges will not accept any college credits earned for taking a high school class.

If you have additional questions about the pros and cons of earning early college credits, please visit your school Future Center or contact a school counselor or the colleges to which you are planning to apply.