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Academic Pathway

The Academic Pathway is intended for students who are interested in exploring advanced concepts in traditional content areas. If you are passionate about the fields of English, Math, World languages, Science or Social Science, one of the Academic Concentrations is for you. Engaging in an Academic Pathway provides relevant preparation for post-secondary education at a college or university. Students in an Academic Pathway will be required to take one additional course beyond what is required for graduation in that area and at least one advanced placement (AP) course.

Courses Range From:
  • Math (Algebra through AP Calculus)
  • English (English 1-4, Language & Comp, Literature & Comp, Speech & Debate)
  • World Languages (beginning through advanced Spanish & French)
  • Social Science (required courses through Psychology and AP History)
  • Science (required courses through physical, life, horticulture and medical sciences and AP chemistry, AP biology and AP physics)
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