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K-12 Budget Challenges Across the State

School districts across Oregon, and the US are facing similar fiscal challenges, with many forced to implement significant budget cuts, school closures, and staff layoffs. 

Budget Challenges

Medford New Housing Demographic

View a report from the City of Medford on the data of new housing coming to the city. 

Housing Report

Strategies for Student Success

Given some recent questions about staffing increases over the last several years, here is a big picture view of how we are implementing the plan.

Strategic Plan

MSD Previous Budgets

To better familiarize yourself with Adopted Budgets in previous years, visit this page to see a comprehensive list.

Budget & Financial Reviews

MSD Enrollment Forecast

We’ve had a third-party demographer conduct a long-term study on our enrollment. To read it, click below.

Student Enrollment Forecast

Schedule of Properties

We’ve received a few questions about which buildings we own and which we lease. Here’s a list of our properties.

MSD Properties