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Safety and security are shared values in the Medford School District.  There are a variety of emergencies that can cause the need for a controlled release of students through a reunification process. Some reunifications may be for minor incidents and would take place at the school itself, such as police activity in the area or a weather event. Some reunifications are more major and would take place off site. We choose to be proactive, and believe that being prepared for one of these scenarios is critical. 

What is Reunification?

Reunification is an organized controlled process that accurately reunites students with their parent or guardian. A well-planned reunification process increases safety and security through an orderly preplanned process.

What do I need to know?

The most helpful initial steps for you to know in a reunification situation are: Stay Home, Stay Informed, Be Ready.

Stay Home: 

Staying away from the school site during an emergency is important so law enforcement and emergency responders can easily access the scene and respond to the situation.  We know it is difficult to stay away from the school during an emergency, but we want the responders to be able to address the situation as easily as possible. 

Stay Informed:

Monitor the MSD website for the latest information.  Please make sure your student’s information is up to date with your school, including your emergency contact information so we can keep you informed. You will receive notifications via email, text, and phone messages throughout an emergency.  

Be Ready:

There are multiple sites where reunification can take place. When the reunification location is announced, only essential guardians should come to pick up your child. Please be sure to bring a photo ID.


What is the Reunification Process?

Upon arrival at the Reunification Site, you will be greeted by a Greeter Team, where you will be given a reunification card to fill out for each student you are picking up. When the card is filled out, you will begin the 4 step process. Please do not attempt to take your student home before they have gone through the process.

  1. Check-In - The reunification card will be checked and matched with a photo ID

  2. Verification - Confirmation of approved parent/guardian.

  3. Staging - Waiting area while the student is called to make ready for reunification.

  4. Reunify -  When reunited with a student, a photo will be taken with the parent/guardian.


We understand the urgency of wanting to reunite with your student(s). Reuniting you with your student safely is our goal as well. Please be patient with staff as they work through this important process. 

The need for reunification after an incident is to regain accountability, provide support for students and families, and support law enforcement in a criminal investigation if needed.