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Shared Vision and Equity Lens

Equity in the Medford School District is defined as knowing every student by name, strength, and need, and then doing something about it. The Shared Vision and Equity Lens is a critical thinking tool to apply to internal systems, processes, resources, programs, and policies of MSD to create increased opportunities for all students. Through consistent use of the Shared Vision and Equity Lens, we intend to achieve more equitable outcomes for every student and close the achievement gap among underserved communities.

Shared Vision: All are Learning and Learning is for All
● Describe the proposed action and connection to the MSD Vision.
● Identify communities affected by the policy, program, practice, or decision.
● Have members of affected communities been intentionally involved?
● Is there community support or opposition? How do we know? If no, why not?

Shared Pursuit: All are Known and Challenged
● How will demographic student groups be impacted by the action?
● Are there potential unintended negative consequences for specific
● What strategies are in place to mitigate any negative impacts?

Shared Pursuit: All Achieve Their Potential
● How does the proposed action address barriers to closing the achievement gap?
● What data or information is the decision or action based upon?
● What data or metrics will be used to track the impact of the proposed action on
the identified populations?

Shared Pursuit: All Options are Open and Hopeful
● How does the proposed action demonstrate that we value MSD students and
keep them at the center of decision making?

Shared Values: Grace, Simplicity, Equity, Transparency, Safety and Security
● How does the proposed action model the core values of Grace, Simplicity,
Equity, Transparency, Safety and Security?