Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program

  • Services

    Instructional services are provided through and in-class model where TAG students are clustered for instruction. In this model, the classroom teacher is the primary service provider. Classroom teachers are responsible for assessing the student's level and rate of learning and providing appropriate instruction. This applies to all grade levels, and for all subject areas or courses. Regardless of the category of identification, all identified students receive instruction at their assessed level and rate of learning in all content areas.

    Level of learning is the student's instructional level in the curriculum, degree of difficulty where the student will be successful, but will encounter knowledge and skills he or she has not yet learned or mastered.

    Rate of learning is a measure of the pace at which a student successfully progresses throughout the curriculum after being placed at the appropriate level. A student's rate of learning will vary depending on the following:

    • subject
    • point in the learning process
    • degree of interest to the student
    • level of difficulty of the material, and/or
    • learning style of the student



    Lisa Yamashita 

    Director of Curriculum, Assessment & TAG