• Frequently Asked Questions


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Medford Anywhere Learning

  • What is Medford Anywhere Learning?

  • Do parents need to take on teaching? What if they work?

  • Is there a structured learning plan or are we just directing them to resources to help them learn?

  • How do I access learning grids?

  • Does this program count towards grades and will our kids move ahead to the next grade if we don't return to classes this year?

  • Is there a way to do school work without the use of tablets and other devices?

  • When the teachers begin e-learning? What will a typical day look like for elementary students?

  • Will the Chromebooks have all materials needed for Medford Anywhere Learning?

  • My husband and I are both still working. Will we be able to "replay" lessons later in the day?

  • Can we use our own iPads or tablets to continue learning with our teachers?

  • Will AR tests be available for students during this time?

  • Will students be doing SBAC testing at home or will it be skipped this year?

Fourth Quarter Credits

  • Is the MSD Anywhere Learning Plan mandatory for high schoolers?

  • Are you going to have A, B, C days for high schoolers?

  • Is AP testing required to pass AP classes?

  • How does P.E. credit work in the new system?

  • Will 8th graders taking Spanish get high school credit even though they only completed 3 quarters?

  • What is the plan for CTE classes?

  • What about our Central Medford High Students?

  • Will my child get credit if he is doing Edgenuity online?

  • If a high schooler has an online class and they need their final test to be unlocked by a teacher, who do we contact?

  • What about my future panther or future tornado?

Special Education

  • What about students on IEPs?

  • What about IEP meetings?

  • I received an IEP invite before the closure happened - will that meeting still take place?

  • How are you going to do therapy services that are in IEPs?

  • Do you have a plan for children in MAPS class?

  • Will my student lose their 504?

  • Are kids that normally go to special education for reading and/or math still be able to get that individualized assistance?

  • Medford SD currently conducts the early intervention and early childhood special education evaluations. How are these evaluations going to be scheduled/conducted?

ELL, TAG, & Other Programs

  • Will there be content on the Chromebooks for TAG?

  • How will Spanish immersion work?

  • Will afterschool programs be continued through the summer?


  • What about kindergarten registration?

  • Have the notices for Sixth Grade Academy students gone out to selected students?

  • I have a 6th grader and 8th grader missing orientation for middle and high school... will those be made up during the summer?

  • What about middle school students needing to register for high school? Also what if we want to apply for an inter district transfer?

Fee Reimbursement

  • What about athletic and activity fees? Can I get a refund?

  • What about my school meals balance?

Facility Access/Item Retrievals

  • When are students with lockers going to clean them out?

  • What has been done to deep clean the schools?

  • If school is done for the school year, what happens with yearbooks? Will they be mailed?

  • How do we return textbooks to the high school?

  • Is there a way the track can be opened to allow students to exercise if they are ‘socially distant’?

COVID-19 Information

  • Are Medford School District schools closed?

  • Where do I find more information about COVID-19?

Attendance & School Year

  • Will we need to make up the days we’ve missed?

  • Will the last day of school still be the first week of June?

  • How do students get credits for attendance?


  • How will teachers be reaching out to families?

  • Will high school teachers be contacting the students directly? How?

  • Will we be able to contact our child’s high school counselor?

  • Who do I contact for information about my high schooler?

  • The school doesn't have my correct contact information… what should we do?

Class of 2020

  • What about our seniors?

  • Am I going to graduate?

  • Are Senior Project and Essential Skills required?

  • What about graduation?

  • As a Senior, what should I be focusing on right now?

  • How do I get the fines off of my account?

  • How will I get my Yearbook?

  • What if I am taking an AP exam? What if I am enrolled in dual credit?

  • Where do I get my students’ transcripts?

  • Are seniors doing summer school?

  • What happens to Seniors who are in AP classes and have paid for SOU credits?

  • How can we return our textbooks? If fees build up, can they be waived? Will the senior fee requirement be dropped?

  • What else do I need to know?

Chromebook Distribution

  • Do all students need to pick up a Chromebook?

  • Does MSD have the inventory of Chromebooks to cover K-12?

  • I missed the Chromebook distribution, can I still get one?

  • What do I need to bring when picking up a Chromebook?

  • When will I need to return the Chromebook?

  • Can my kids pick them up without me?

  • Will the Chromebooks be protected from social media?

  • When will students be able to “go live” on their Chromebooks?

Internet Access

  • How can I access a hot spot?

  • What about households without wifi?

  • How can homeless students get internet access?

  • The Salvation Army runs a transitional living program for homeless families—how can we get hot spot cards for the kids that live there?

Technology Support

  • Does K-6 have Google logins and passwords?

  • I downloaded Google Classroom - it says I need a class code. How do I get one?

  • How can students access files on their school hard drive?

  • Who can help us with login trouble to different apps thru Hello ID? (User ID and passcodes)

  • Will the IT folks be available if we have IT issues?

  • Will the applications for the district curriculum be available on kindle tablets?

  • What is Zoom?

  • Will teachers provide apps for us to use for our own iPads?

Medford Anywhere Learning TV

  • What if we don’t have basic cable or a device that has internet access?

  • Can you access Medford Anywhere Learning TV on cable?

  • How do we find out the TV schedule?