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Jackson Checklist for Families

Ready for Reopening

Back to the Classroom Checklist for Families

It’s almost time to head back to the classroom! Please take a moment to review the following resources and sign, where needed. 


  • Ready for [Reopening]: What to Expect Video  (Spanish)

    Video overview of safety practices and what to expect from the school day when elementary students return. 

  • MSD Safety Standards (Spanish) 

    Aligned with the Oregon Department of Education Ready School Safe Learners Guidance. Details the safety practices we will be following on return to in-person instruction. 

  • Screening for COVID at Home Checklist  (Two Pages - English/Spanish)

    Please utilize our screening for COVID checklist in the morning prior to sending your student to school. If your student is sick, please DO NOT send them to school.

Please view our school-specific safety plans, linked above

PLEASE SIGN (If you haven’t already):

  • Please view our Community Agreement Video (Spanish)!
  • Then, we are asking all families to click the form for your school below, review the agreement, and sign that your student will make every effort to abide by the terms outlined. If you choose not to agree to the terms outlined in the agreement, you will be asked to transfer to our virtual option, Medford Online Academy.

  • COVID-Testing Form

The Oregon Department of Education requires districts to provide on-site testing to symptomatic students and staff and/or students and staff who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Agreeing to testing is encouraged, but not mandatory. If you consent to your student(s) receiving a COVID-19 test at school, please sign and return this form to your school. (Spanish Here)  If you are unable to print, schools will be sending home paper copies with students during orientation.