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State Testing Notice


The state of Oregon requested a waiver for state testing (OSAS) this year but it was denied by the US Department of Education. Oregon is now requesting an amendment to their request, found here.

Medford School District will be offering an opportunity for all students grades 3-8 and grade 11 to participate in state assessment. However, there are no accountability measures in place this year related to participation rates or academic performance.

Please be aware that you may opt your student out of state testing. Information can be found here: OSAS Testing and Parent Opt-Out. To access the Opt-Out forms, please click here for the form in English and  here for the form in Spanish

Families who want to opt students out of Science (only grades 5, 8 and 11th) would complete the Medford Opt-Out Form, explain your rationale, and provide an alternative learning activity. Please note that individual student reports will not be available from any state test this year. 

Although the form(s) have an April 6th deadline, your schools will be accepting opt-out forms throughout the assessment window which is April 14th though June 11th.