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High School Pathways

Medford School District Pathways are an opportunity for all students to connect and engage in the high school experience by choosing courses that are offered for their concentration of interest. Pathways now has its own webpages! You can learn which courses are offered, which clubs you can join, and find out more about the career options and job connections associated with your concentration choice.  

Similar to a college major, students pursue an area of concentration in a pathway of their choice by taking classes they enjoy and becoming involved in a related club, extra-curricular activity, and job shadow or career internship. Pathways help students prepare for their futures by exploring potential career paths and earning college credit and/or industry certification while still in high school.

What Pathways are offered at the Medford School District? Starting as early as the freshmen year, students will begin an area of concentration in one of the following Pathways: Academic, Career and Technical (CTE), or Visual and Performing Arts.


Hal Jones

Career Readiness Coordinator


Kristina Morgan

Office Manager, CTE/Pathways