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Severe Weather Procedures

Question: How can my school be impacted by weather? 

Answer: In the event school needs to be delayed, cancelled, or released early (due to an unexpected weather event occurring during school hours), the following decisions are possible:

  • Normal school hours – snow routes: some bus routes in higher elevations change due to snow or slick road conditions. Snow routes are posted ahead of time at
  • Cancellation:  School and district are closed.  Essential safety personnel may be asked to work if safe to do so.
  • Two-hour delayed start – regular routes OR snow routes: School begins two hours after regularly scheduled start time. Regular bus routes or snow routes may run, depending on road conditions. 
  • Releasing school early – normal routes OR snow routes: School is released early due to hazardous road conditions. Buses may run regular routes or snow routes, depending on road conditions.

Question: How do you decide if the school day needs to be canceled, delayed, or shortened? 

Answer: We always put student safety first, using all available data, including working closely with the National Weather Service, and City and County Public Works, to make the best decision possible.

  • Day Before Possible Event
      • 5:00 pm: Phone call with area superintendents and the National Weather Service-Medford.  
      • 5:30 – 6:00 pm: Snow team forecast check-in.  (If a decision can be made at that time, we will do so.  More than likely, we will wait to see what happens overnight.)
      • 11:00 pm: Snow team forecast check-in (if major changes)
  • Day of Possible Event
    • 4:00 AM:  Physically check road conditions (multiple sites around the district)
    • 5:00 am: Phone call with area superintendents and National Weather Service- Medford.
    • 5:15 am: Decision based on physical data and National Weather Service forecast.  If roads in our boundaries are unsafe for driving and the forecast does not call for improvement, we will make the decision to delay or close school. 

Question: How will you notify the community of changes due to weather? 

Answer: Once a decision is made (usually by 5:15 am), we will complete the following: 

  • 5:30 am: Post to website, media, social media, emails to staff and families.
  • 6:00 am: Automated phone call and text to staff and families.