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Overnight Volunteer Training - November 4

The Overnight Volunteer Training is Monday evening, November 4, from 6-7, room 228 at the District Office (Medford School District Education Center-MSDEC), 815 S. Oakdale Avenue. There is no need to sign up.

For more information visit the Volunteer at MSD website.

Future dates for the Overnight Volunteer Training are:

  • February 20th
  • April 1st

The training is good for two years.

A couple of frequently asked questions:

Am I signed up as a VIMS after I have completed the course?

Answer: VIMS is a separate process that needs to be done online if it has not already been done.

If I am an employee of the district, do I need to attend the course?

Answer: If you are acting in your capacity as a paid employee, you do not have to take this training.

If you are an employee, but planning to volunteer as a parent, you can either take the in person training or choose the SafeSchools option. As an employee, if you have already completed your SafeSchools for this year, you would have done the Sexual Conduct: Staff to Students and need to take the Sexual Harassment: Student Issues and Response. Then fill out the Acknowledgement sheet and turn it in to the schools at which you will be helping to chaperone.

Also note, non-exempt employees must adhere to MSD Board Policy IICC (see paragraph #4).

If you have questions regarding this, check with Human Resources.

Who keeps track of all of this?

Answer: Human Resources has a master database and is the main keeper of information. Your school also has a copy of the acknowledgement sheets. School Office Managers can check the VIMS database on their school administrative page to see if a volunteer is approved overnight for trips.