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Are you NEW to MSD?


If you have NEVER been a student in our district before, please contact  Megan, our Registrar.

Arrange a pick-up of registration materials so you can be ready to go!

Items we need to enroll your student:

  • Proof of Address – rent receipt, mortgage payment or utility bill with your name/address


  • Picture ID – we will make a photocopy of it


  • Immunization record if you are not from an Oregon school


  • Report card or check out sheet from your previous school is helpful but not necessary.


Additional information:

  • Did you check out from your previous school?
  • Are you the parent? 

If not, we need guardianship papers that are notarized

We have guardianship papers if you need them.

Call 541-842-1637 to arrange a time to come get your materials.

We are excited to meet you!