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Panther Pride

Speech & Debate Results

The Speech & Debate team had a very busy month! They traveled to the South Coast Invitational at Marshfield High School this past weekend and took 16 students. They all represented South well!

  • Cristien Hernandez- 1st – After Dinner Speaking
  • Dominic Adams- 1st- Radio Commentary
  • Dominic Adams- 2nd- Lincoln Douglas Debate
  • Cristien Hernandez- 2nd- Informative
  • Ian Grady- 3rd- Radio Commentary
  • Connor Maukonen- 1st- Novice Radio Commentary
  • Jay Lodge- 1st- Novice Prose
  • Micki Kase- 2nd- Novice Prose
  • Jerrihaun Robinson- 2nd- Poetry
  • Malachi McDermott- 3rd- Novice After Dinner Speaking
  • Jay Lodge- 3rd- Novice Poetry
  • Kaden Miller- Finalist- Prose
  • Nicha Praneetpolgrang- Finalist- Prose
  • Kaden Miller- Finalist- Poetry
  • Cristien Hernandez- Finalist- Poetry
  • Jerrihaun Robinson- Finalist- Impromptu
  • Hannah Beers- Finalist- Novice Poetry
  • Mateo Contreras- Finalist- Novice After Dinner Speaking
  • David Erickson- Finalist- Novice Radio Commentary

Speech & debate team

On 10/10/18, they competed at their first Student Congress at North Valley High School.

  • Cristien Hernandez- 1st
  • Jerrihaun Robinson- 1st

student congress competition

On 9/30/18 they took new speakers to the Ashland Novice Grand Prix. Our novice students received some great experience!

  • Micki Kase- 1st- Prose
  • Emerie Doell- 1st- Radio Commentary
  • Abby Whitt- 1st- After Dinner Speaking

novice speaker competition


Math Team Takes 2nd

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, Mr. Quiel took our Math Team to compete in their first meet of the year. The league is comprised of 14 schools from across Southern Oregon. The South Medford varsity squad finished 2nd overall in their division! Congratulations!

math team at competition  


Sayers Sets New SMHS Record

Senior Tanner Sayers set a new South Medford record. He raced 5,000 meters (3.1 miles) in 15:;34. Congratulations Tanner!

cross country podium photo

South medford high school top 5 record standing

Barnes & Noble Favorite Teacher Contest

Congratulations to Erin Vieira for winning the Barnes & Noble "My Favorite Teacher" contest. Erin submitted a poem about her favorite teacher, Camille Schuler. Erin's poem will also be entered in the national contest for Barnes & Noble. Both Erin and Camille will be recognized at a reception at Barnes & Noble on May 10th at 6:00pm in the Medford store.

Camille Schuler and Erin Vieira photo


Lady Panthers Signing Day

South celebrated some amazing female athletes with a signing day on April 11th. Each of these young women have excelled in their sport and are going on to play at the next level. We have no doubt they will be successful! #pantherpride
Pictured from left to right: Megan Davis (Umpqua - Volleyball), Chanel Groom (SOU - Volleyball), Kirsten Reed (OIT - Golf), Halle Mehl (OIT - Soccer), Courtney Herick (OIT - Soccer)

panther girls signing day photo


Theater Arts Competitions

Congratulations to the following Oregon Thespian State Qualifiers and Regional Finalists!

Ashley Mitchell- Solo Musical Theater
Makenzie Radillo and Ashley Mitchell- Duo Musical Theater
Dean Jackman, Keigin Tosh, Coi Holloway- Small Group Musical
Coi Holloway and Sidney Konziela- Duo Musical
Annie Craven- Solo Musical
Kaden Miller and Dean Jackman- Duo Comedic Acting
Heather McAdam- Costume Binder
Darby Hammond- Costume Binder
Troy Jensen- Stage Management Binder
Hanna West- Theater Marketing Binder

In 3rd Place overall:
Heather McAdam, Aimee Carter, Mckenzie Radillo and Annie Craven- Small Group Musical
Delany Murray, Mariah Silcott, Annie Craven and Makenzie Radillo- Group Acting

Most categories had over 100 entries and were up against Ashland and South Eugene; the two strongest Theater programs in the state. We are so proud of our Theater Folk!


Performing Arts News

Congratulationsn to our talented musicians who took home many honors in our recent Solo & Ensemble contests. These are results from a field that included every high school in southern Oregon!

Caleb Hutchings – 1st place, bassoon
Max Empol – 1st place, tuba
Nate Lee – 1st place, orchestral snare drum
Percussion Ensemble – 1st place, large percussion ensemble division

Aimee Carter – 1st place, mezzo voice
Heather McAdam – 1st place, alto voice
Ashley Mitchell – 2nd place, soprano voice
Tucker Chestine – 2nd place, baritone voice
Dominique Blue – first alternate, alto voice

Thomas Green – 1st place, Bass

South Medford High School will be very well represented at the State Solo & Ensemble! Congrats to all!


Math Team

Please congratulate the follwoing students on their second place finish in our resent Southern Oregon Math League Math Meet, eclipsing teams from schools like Saint Mary’s, Ashland, North Medford, Grants Pass, and others.

Carson Bennett
Seth Cannon
Robby Carle
Emma Empol
Jakob Lovern
Lexy Reiss


National Speech & Debate Award

Our Panther family is very proud to announce that Dean Jackman has earned the National Speech & Debate Association's Academic All American award! This coveted award recognizes academic rigor, competitive speech and debate success and personal excellence. Fewer than 500 students earn this award each year and this places Dean among the top half of one-percent of all student members of speech and debate across the country. Impressive job Dean!

dean jackman with panther mascot


OSU Presidential Scholar

Congratulations to our own Ben Hillen for receiving the Oregon State University Presidential Scholarship! Ben is planning on studying mechanical engineering and was also accepted into the OSU Honors College. The Presidential Scholarship is the most competitive and prestigious scholarship that is awarded to incoming students. This year 755 students were eligible for consideration and only 89 students were selected. To be eligible, students have to have both a 3.85 unweighted GPA and a 29 ACT or 1360 SAT. Awesome job Ben!

ben hillen and panther future center ladies picture  


Panther Pancake Art

An artist in our Culinary Art class. Alondra Gerlach created a panther using colored pancake batter! Our students never cease to amaze us!

pancake panther art  

Robotics Competition Success in Salem

South had a group of students, under the direction of Mr. Kadrmas, go to Salem over the weekend (1/26 & 1/27) to compete in a Robotics competition. If you see the following students, congratulate them on a job well done!

Evan Pointevint, Tristan Kohler and Cormac Webb made it to the semi-finals Friday night. Anderson Coons, Alex Villa and Cormac Webb won the Gold Division Championship on Saturday, which qualifies them for the Platinum Division State Championships in March. Noa Tipton was the overall crew chief for both teams and did a fantastic job keeping them focused and ready for each match. Thomas Clark did great with our photography and videography, as well as overall support. To view a highlight video click here:

Salem Robotics Competition  


January 2017: Speech & Debate Results
On January 19-20, five students traveled to Lewis & Clark College to compete on the Northern circuit. Then on the 27-28 they had a tournament at Illinois Valley High School. This team is on the move!
Lewis and Clark Invitational
• Emma Empol- 1st Place- Congress
• Carson Bennett- 2nd Place- Congress
• Dominic Adams- SemiFinalist- Radio Commentary and Impromptu

Illinois Valley Invitational
• Delaney Murray- 1st Place- After Dinner Speaking
• Delaney Murray- 1st Place- Poetry
• Dominic Adams- 1st Place- Lincoln Douglas Debate
• Dean Jackman- 1st Place- Humorous Interpretation
• Dominic Adams- 2nd Place- Radio Commentary
• Dominic Adams- 2nd Place- Impromptu
• Dean Jackman- 2nd Place- After Dinner Speaking
• Abby Whitt- 2nd Place- Dramatic Interpretation
• Violet Moissant- 3rd Place- After Dinner Speaking
• Gabe Ilten- 3rd Place- Prose

Illinois valley speech and debate competition  
We are so proud of our students and it is truly a reflection of the hard work they put into their events and the hard work that ALL of the people at South put forth to help them learn and grow.

Please congratulate the following students:

North Valley Student Congress

  • Carson Bennett- 1st Place- Congress
  • Brian Josephson- 2nd Place- Congress
  • Coi Holloway- 3rd Place- Congress
  • Emma Empol- 3rd Place- Congress
  • Cristien Hernandez- 4th Place- Congress
  • Dominic Adams- 5th Place- Congress

north valley competition

North Medford Invitational

  • Cristien Hernandez & Dominic Adams- 1st Place- Public Forum Debate
  • Dean Jackman- 1st Place- Humorous Interpretation
  • Abby Whitt- 1st Place- Dramatic Interpretation
  • Coi Holloway- 1st Place- Poetry
  • Dean Jackman- 1st Place- Prose
  • Delaney Murray- 1st Place- After Dinner Speaking
  • Delaney Murray- 1st Place- Radio Commentary
  • Emma Empol- 2nd Place- Expository
  • Coi Holloway- 2nd Place- After Dinner Speaking
  • Emma Empol & Carson Bennett- 2nd Place- Parli Debate
  • Coi Holloway/Carson Bennett & Owen Akiyama/Ian Grady- TIE- 2nd Place- Big Questions Debate
  • Delaney Murray- 3rd Place- Poetry
  • Dean Jackman- 3rd Place- After Dinner Speaking
  • Kaden Miller- 4th Place- Poetry
  • Kaden Miller- 4th Place- Prose
  • Jessi McPhilomy- 4th Place- Radio Commentary
  • Cristien Hernandez- 4th Place- Oratory
  • Gabe Ilten- 5th Place- Prose
  • Savanah Rutter- 5th Place- After Dinner Speaking
  • Delaney Murray- 6th Place- Impromptu
  • Olivia Vogt- 6th Place- Radio Commentary
 north medford invitational


Yale Bound

As the second semester quickly approaches, many seniors are starting to gear up for graduation and make final plans for their post-high school lives. South could not be more proud of our seniors and their many accomplishments and dreams for a great future, but one student in particular has set her sights high; Elaina Foley has been accepted to Yale on a full ride scholarship! We are excited beyond measure for you Elaina.

elaina foley

Seasonal Workers Dinner

For the past 20 years, the Seasonal Workers Dinner has been a key community service event at South Medford High School. Our Student Government and Leadership students, under the supervision of Kalin Cross and Hector Santiago host this great event that serves food donated by the students and their families. It is a privelege to serve our community in this capacity. Check out the article and photos in the Mail Tribune: (

Speech & Debate Results

On Wednesday, 12/6, the SMHS Speech and Debate team hosted students from all over the Rogue Valley in a monthly Student Congress. Our students performed extremely well!  Out of 4 rooms, our students took most of the awards!  We want to thank Mr. Parker and Mr. Cynar for volunteering to judge!
Please congratulate the following students:
• Coi Holloway- 1st Place
• Dean Jackman- 1st Place
• Emma Empol- 1st Place
• Brian Josephson- 2nd Place
• Jacob Ilten- 2nd Place
• Jerrihaun Robinson 2nd Place
• Carson Bennett- 3rd Place
• Clay Bennett- 3rd Place

Additionally, on Saturday, 12/9, we took a small group to compete at the Crater Debate Tournament.  Our students entered 3 events and they won all 3! Shout out to Mr. Parker for judging at this event, too!
Please congratulate the following students:
• Emma Empol- 1st Place- Student Congress
• Coi Holloway & Carson Bennett- 1st Place- Parliamentary Debate
• Cristien Hernandez & Dominic Adams- 1st Place- Public Forum Debate

Speech & Debate Results for November 2017

The Speech and Debate team had another busy week!  We had a two day Invitational at Ashland High School this past weekend (11/4 & 11/5). A huge thank you to Matthew Parker, Elizabeth Shea, Sheri Smith and Paul Cynar, who volunteered to judge at this tournament!

Please congratulate the following students:

  • Emma Empol- 1st Place- Congress
  • Dean Jackman- 1st Place- Varsity After Dinner Speaking
  • Dean Jackman- 1st Place- Varsity Humorous Interpretation
  • Delaney Murray- 2nd Place- Varsity After Dinner Speaking
  • Carson Bennett- 3rd Place- Congress
  • Carson Bennett- 3rd Place- Varsity Impromptu
  • Delaney Murray- 3rd Place-Varsity Poetry
  • Dominic Adams- 3rd Place-Varsity Radio Commentary
  • Delaney Murray- Finalist Varsity Oratory
  • Owen Akiyama- 1st Place- Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate
  • Abby Whitt- Top Novice Dramatic Interpretation
  • Abby Whitt- 2nd Place- Novice Prose 

speech and debate in ashland - 1

speech and debate in ashland - 2  

Additionally, last Wednesday, 11/1, we also competed in a Student Congress at North Medford.  Out of three rooms, our students won the following awards:

  • Coi Holloway- 1st Place
  • Cristien Hernandez- 1st Place
  • Clay Bennett- 3rd Place
  • Carson Bennett- 4th Place
  • Gabriel Buckingham- 4th Place
  • Emma Empol- 5th Place

 speech and debate at north medford

Choir Performs at Oregon School Board Association

The South Medford Chamber Choir was invited to perform at the Oregon School Board Association Convention on Friday, November 10. They performed in front of about 700 people at the Portland Waterfront Marriott Hotel. They did astoundingly well! Here is a sample of their performance:

Piano Dedication

Heather and Arvel Mauldin donated a piano to the South Medford Performing Arts department on behalf of Betty Rose Scott. In a dedication ceremony on Thursday, October 17th in the Black Box Theater, the choir students sang Irving Berlin's "I Love a Piano."

piano dedication ceremony

DECA Team at OIT Competition

The DECA team competed at OIT on Tuesday, 10/24 at the District 3 DECA Competition and brought back a LOT of awards! Out of 5 events, they took home 3 first place finishes. First place ribbons went to Brian Josephson (Quick Serve Restaurant Marketing), Malia Sprague and Slade Phelps (Marketing Team Decision Making) and Elizabeth Hall (Apparel and Accessories Marketing). As a freshman, this was Elizabeth's first time competing. Our Panther DECA team ROCKS!

DECA team picture at O I T  

Commended National Merit Scholars 2018

South Medford is extremely proud to recognize our Commended Students in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship program for outstanding performance on the PSAT qualifying test:  Seth Cannon, Jakob Lovern, Alex Spangler and Bradley Tidball. The top 50,000 scorers were identified from more than 1.6 million students who entered the 2018 competition by taking the 2016 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. These students are one of about 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation being recognized for exceptional academic promise.

national merit commended students  

Band at Pride of the Northwest

At the Pride fo the Northwest Marching Band Competiton, our band took the High Music Caption in our division. Our drum major, Ryleigh Buchanan, took home the High Drum Major award in the finals, beating out all drum majors in all classifications! Overall, we finished in the top 10!

south medford marching band photo

Math Team For The Win

On Tuesday, October 10 our South Medford Math Team took 1st place in their first math competition of the year, Southern Oregon Math League! Our team was only 3 point away from a perfect score of 105 beating out all of the local schools, including St. Mary's, North Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass and more. If you see one of the following students, give them a congratulatory shout out! Way to go Mr. Quiel and all of our Math Team members!!
- Carson Bennett
- Seth Cannon
- Emma Empol
- Noah Hopkins
- Jakob Lovern
- Lexy Reiss

math team winners

math team 2017  

Speech & Debate Tournaments

The Speech & Debate team had a very busy week with three different competitions! Mrs. Campbell & Mr. Parker took 12 students and traveled to the South Coast Invitational at Marshfield High School this past weekend. They represented South well!

Please congratulate the following students:
• Delaney Murray- 1st- ADS
• Delaney Murrary- 2nd Poetry
• Delaney Murray- 2nd Impromptu
• Dean Jackman- 2nd Place- Humorous Interpretation
• Dominic Adams- 3rd Place- Impromptu
• Dominic Adams- Finalist- Radio
• Kaden Miller- 2nd Place- Prose
• Kaden Miller- Finalist- Poetry
• Coi Holloway- 3rd – Poetry
• Coi Holloway- 3rd- ADS
• Owen Akiyama- 1st Place- Novice Radio Commentary
• Owen Akiyama- 3rd Place- Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate
• Olivia Vogt- 3rd- Novice Radio Commentary
• Pimnicha Praneetpolgrang- Finalist- Novice Impromptu

Speech & debate at marshfield competition  

 Last Wednesday, 10/4, they competed at their first Student Congress at Crater High School. Please congratulate the following students:
• Emma Empol- 1st Place
• Coi Holloway- 2nd Place
• Carson Bennett- 3rd Place
• Clay Bennett- 3rd Place
• Dominic Adams- 4th Place
• Cristien Hernandez- 4th Place

speech & debate at crater competition  

One week ago, on Saturday, 10/1, we took new debaters to the Ashland Novice Grand Prix.  Our novice debaters got some great experience! 
• Jadon Ashland & Ian Grady- 1st Place- Public Forum Debate

speech & debate at ashland competition  


2017 Rotary Students of the Year

South Medford High School would like to congratulate the following students for being selected as the 2017 Rotary Students of the Year:

Central Medford Rotary Club:  Tyler Easton & Kiana Kahusi

Jacksonville Rotary Club:  Ruby Johnson & Morgan Couch

Although we had dozen of worthy cadidates, these students rose to the top in discussions, activities, recommendations, service, accomplishments and character. Please help us in congratulating them on this wonderful honor.


Speech & Debate

Six students from the Speech & Debate team competed at the OSAA State Championship Tournament on April 22 & 23. Our students were amazing representatives of South and we are proud of each one of them. Congratulations to Coi Holloway (1st place, State Champion in After Dinner Speaking); Steven Richmond and Carson Bennett (both Semi Finalists in Student Congress).


National Merit Scholarship Finalist

About 1.6 million juniors in more than 22,000 high schools entered the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program. To become a Finalist, a student and their high school must submit a detailed scholarship applicaton, in which they provide information about the student's academic record, participation in school and community activities, demonstrated leadership abilities, employment, and honors and awards received. The student must have an outstanding academic record throughout high school, be endorsed and recommended by a high school official, write an essay, and earn SAT scores that confirm the student's earlier performance on the qualifying test.

Only about 15,000 students advance to the Finalist level. South Medford High School is honored to have one of those students; Lane Cazier. Congratulations Lane! Best wishes for a bright future!

merit finalist cazier


Presidential Scholarship Awarded

The Oregon State University Presidential Scholarship was awarded to just two students in the Rogue Valley; South Medford High School's own Tyler Easton was one of those students. On Monday, March 13, Oregon State University sent a representative to South Medford to present the award to Tyler along with some great OSU swag.

The OSU Presidential Scholarship is the University's most prestigious award. It is designed to award academic excellence and inspire those selected to continue to be a positive force in the world. The scholarship is highly competitive with Presidential Scholars in line to pursue elite awards such as the Goldwater, Fulbright and Truman Scholarships upon graduation from Oregon State.

To be considered for the Presidential Scholarship, students must have a minimum 3.85 un-weighted GPA, minimum score of 1360 SAT (new format) or 1900 SAT (old format) or 29 ACT. In addition, applicants are evaluated on their scholarship application and Insight Resume responses.

Congratulations Tyler! Our Panther Pride is showing!

oregon state university presidential scholarship


Speech & Debate Results

This past weekend, five students from SMHS qualified to compete at the National Speech & Debate Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama this June. Our students were amazing representatvies of our school. Because of their overall success, South Medford won the 1st Place Sweepstakes Award in Student Congress. Please congratulate the following students on their accomplishments:

Coi Holloway & Dean Jackman- Duo Interpretation
Steven Richmond- Student Congress, House 1
Carson Bennett- Student Congress, House 2
Avery Jesmer- World Schools Debate

Coi also qualified in Studnet Congress & as a finalist in Impromptu and received Outstanding Presiding Officer in Congress. Dean was a finalist in Humorous Interpretation and Steven was a semi-finalist in Oratory.


Band League Solo & Ensemble Event

On Saturday, 3/18, we had our League Solo and Ensemble Event in Ashland. We had a big South Medford student turnout, including numerous first-time participants. Below are students who were awarded STATE QUALIFYING scores!

Caleb Hutching (9th) – WINNER, bassoon
Nate Lee (10th) – WINNER, orchestral snare drum
Ian Grunwald (12th) – WINNER, low saxophone
Saxophone Choir – 3rd Place, large woodwind ensemble
Max Empol (9th) – 3rd Place, tuba

Our winners will be competing at the State Solo event at Pacific University at the end of April. Our 3rd place players are officially alternates for the event. This is truly an exciting time for our growing band program!


DECA State Competition

Please congratulate the following students for their wins at DECA State.  Many of these students have advanced to the International Competition in April, and Brian Josephson was elected our DECA Oregon State President.

Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series (AAM)
• 3rd Place Julia Cole South Medford High School   

Automotive Services Marketing Series (ASM)
• 11th Place Jennisis Christianson South Medford High School

Business Services Marketing Series (BSM)
• 3rd Place Conley Thom South Medford High School     
• 15th Place Marvin Aguon South Medford High School

Hotel and Lodging Management Series (HLM)
• 13th Place Conley Thom South Medford High School

Quick Serve Restaurant Management Series (QSRM)
• 6th Place Brian Josephson South Medford High School  
• 7th Place Hunter Thomas South Medford High School

Restaurant and Food Service Management Series (RFSM)
• 5th Place Brian Josephson South Medford High School
• 6th Place Hunter Thomas South Medford High School

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series (SEM)
• 7th Place Slade Phelps South Medford High School


Speech & Debate

This past weekend, a small group from the Speech and Debate team competed in the first part of the National Qualifying Tournament—Student Congress. Our students were so impressive that they all placed within the top 6 in their rooms. 

Please congratulate the following students on their success:
• Coi Holloway: National Qualifier- Senate
• Carson Bennett: 2nd place (1st alternate)- House 2
• Emma Empol: 3rd place (2nd alternate)- House 2
• Steven Richmond: 3rd place (2nd alternate)- House 1
• Dean Jackman: 6th place (5th alternate)- House 1

The second part of the National Qualifying Tournament will be March 17-18 at University of Oregon.


Choir Vocal Solo and Ensemble Festival

We have AWESOME SINGERS! The SMHS Choir Department is busting with pride for 30 of our students who participated in the SOMEA District #8 Vocal Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, 2/25.
Andrea Brock and Pam Nordquist worked with and accompanied all of the singers and we are very proud of their fine showing at this regional event.

Here is the list of State Qualifiers to the OSAA State Solo Championship event on April 29th in Portland.

Soprano:      1st Place --  Ruby Johnson  - Senior (returning to state after a 4th place finish in 2016)
                   3rd Place --  Melody Workman – Sophomore

Mezzo:         2nd Place – Emily Hardcastle  -- Senior   --   first alternate

Alto:            1st Place --  Jordyn Pisors – Senior  (returning to state after a top 10 finish in 2016)
                   2nd Place – Hannah McCoy – Senior 

Tenor:          1st Place --  Trenton Long – Junior

Baritone:      1st Place --  Tucker Chestine --  Junior

Bass:            1st Place --  Ben Hawkins-Carter --  Senior

We had a great group of “First-Timer” freshmen, sophomores, and juniors that performed very musically and represented SMHS extremely well.
They will continue to lead in their choirs and have another chance to perform next year. Below is the list of solo and ensemble performers from Saturday.
If you have a chance, give them congratulations for the hard work, lovely performances, and excellent representation of South they have contributed.

Seniors -- Adriann Eck, Olivia Smith
Juniors -- Ethan Bakewell, Itzel Sandoval, Tano Savia, Tianna Crick
Sophomores -- Bella Batte, Kali Lucas,  Gray Munoz, Diego Centeno, Haylee Phillips, Audrey Brooks, Ella Bloom, Phoebe Larson, Dionna Claus
Freshmen -- Luke Allen, Ellie Blount, Abby Whitt, Andrew Davis, Aaron Ballew, Kai Reyes, Isaiah Wright             
Thank you for your support of these fine musicians.   


Speech & Debate Results

The Speech and Debate team competed in another tournament this past weekend at Grants Pass High School.  This was the largest tournament we’ve competed in all year, with 18 schools competing.
Please congratulate the following students:

• Delaney Murray- 3rd Place After Dinner Speaking
• Coi Holloway- 3rd Place- Poetry
• Kaden Miller & Clay Bennett- 4th Place- Big Questions Debate
• Avery Jesmer- 5th Place- Impromptu
• Kaden Miller- 5th Place- Prose
• Cristien Hernandez- 6th Place- Oratory
• Avery Jesmer- 7th Place- Lincoln Douglas Debate
• Carson Bennett- 7th Place- Oratory
• Steven Richmond- Finalist- Radio Commentary
• Alex Spangler- Semifinalist- Poetry
• Coi Holloway- Semifinalist- Radio Commentary

speech and debate team


Thespian Regional Finalists & State Qualifiers

These fantastic actors went up against some incredible talent, and I cannot wait to see how they do at State. Please congratulate the following Thespian Regional Finalists and State Qualifiers:
Rachael Massey
Connor Glose
Kegin Tosh
Kate Lunnen
Olivia Smith
Ashley Mitchell


Proud Panther Moment

On January 31st, the SMHS Boys Basketball team played the cross town team at North Medford High School. Before the game started, our Freshman boys showed that though we are rivals on the court, we are still a community that supports each other. Each teammate, one-by-one, recognized a North Medford mother, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer by giving her a card and a hug. A beautiful display of Panther Pride. Thank you Mr. Hammericksen and Mr. Johannes for leading these wonderful young men. 

Panther Basketball Pride <-- View Video Here 


Mock Trial Win!

Mr. Cynar, our new Pre-Law teacher at South High, had this to say about a Mock Trial his students participated in on January 31:

"Yesterday we had a combination of 37 students from North and South compete against each other at NMHS in the inaugural North/South Mock Trial competition. With the support of the Honorable Lisa Greif who presided over the case, Faith Morse an attorney with Kelly L Andersen Law Offices who helped prepare our students before the trial, our judges Michelle Zundel, Jennifer Esmay, Thaddeus Pouck, Michael Campbell, and Peter Carini, and the support of Dr. Shumate and the North Medford facilities staff, we had a very successful competition. South won the competition by a half point over North, and we already have plans to compete at the end of second semester at the culmination of those classes as well." 

mr. cynar and students   


Speech & Debate Team Earn Charter Status

Our Speech & Debate Team, led by Mrs. Campbell, has been recognized as "Charter Status" with the National Speech & Debate Association. This is the highest school membership honor within the organization. To read more about it, check out their web page: Speech & Debate. Mrs. Campbell, you are a rock star!! Great job team!


South Dance Team Competes

Mrs. Cross and the SMHS Dance Team are on the move. They recently travelled to Philomath High School to participate in their first competition. To read more about how they did, visit their web page: SMHS Dance Team. If you get the chance, come see these young ladies perform. They are fabulous!