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Student Parking

Students at South Medford High School are given the privilege of FREE parking in the student parking lot on the south side of the school with a registered permit.

Students need to have their car registered in Student Management and visibly display their parking permit. Safe driving and courteous behavior are expected. 

  • Gold spaces are reserved for SENIORS with a Gold Card Sticker.
  • Students can pick up their free permit in Student Management.
  • Gold Card Parking permits must be visible and are non-transferable.
  • Students will be fined for: parking without a visible permit, parking in gold card parking, parking inappropriately and parking in the faculty parking lot. Students who park in a faculty lot may have their vehicles ticketed and/or towed.
  • Students who take more than one space, park illegally, park without a visible permit or park without a valid parking permit may be ticketed:

$5 for the first offense;

$10 for the second offense;

$25 for the third offense and each offense thereafter.

Repeat offenders may have parking privileges suspended and/or vehicle towed.

  • Students may not cause any disruption in the parking lot.
  • Students may not loiter in parking lot.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed in student vehicles while on school property.
  • Any vehicle entering this area is subject to search by either school authorities and/or law enforcement personnel. Such searches may be conducted without warrant for any reasonable purpose. Search of the vehicle includes all compartments and components thereof. Once the search begins, the person in control of the vehicle will not be permitted to remove it from the premises during the reasonable duration of the search.
  • Any student caught driving in an unsafe manner may have their parking privileges suspended. Vehicles may be towed if the student/driver has lost their parking privileges and continues to park on school property.
  • Students may not save parking spaces. 

Students may not loan their parking pass. 

Consequences for inappropriate use of the parking lot include:  

  • Tickets & fines
  • Loss of parking privileges
  • Additional disciplinary action
  • Towing charges at student/parent expense 

As a courtesy, we will do our best to communicate with parents regarding parking issues. However, it should be noted that the ticket that students receive, serves as notice of an infraction. 

It is a student’s responsibility to rectify a parking violation immediately!