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Student Password Reset/Restablecer la contraseña del estudiante

Student Password Reset

Please remember that students now have the ability to reset their network passwords on their own.  By accessing the Password Reset page (available from the apps section on the Chromebook login screen or from the Medford School District Website under STUDENTS), students can set their password for the 22-23 School Year.  If the student is new to the district or did not enroll in SSRPM last year, they will need to enroll in the Password Reset system before they set their password for the new year.  Once enrolled, students can (on their own) change their password or reset it if they have forgotten it.

Initial Default Password

  • Initial Password is the students’ birthdate:  mm-dd-yy                example: 10-07-10

If a student is using a SCHOOL Chromebook, the instructions below on the right are most helpful.

If a student is using a personal device, it might be a little trickier to complete at school, but it can be done from home (starting point below on the left).