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Medford School District Makes Summer Safety Improvements

August 8, 2018

In an effort to improve safety for Medford School District (MSD) students and staff, the MSD invested in new doorbell/buzzer systems for the front entrances of all schools.

“The purpose of the doorbells is to secure a single point of entry to all schools during school hours. The new doorbell systems will also be equipped with video cameras and microphones allowing our office staff to see who is requesting entry,” said Superintendent Brian Shumate.  “We will continue to make our best effort to lock all other entry points on school campuses throughout the school day.”

Schools’ front doors will be open during drop-off and pickup times and the buzzers may be activated or de-activated at strategic times depending on the events during the school day. All doorbells are expected to be installed by end of September.

In addition to the new doorbell system, in partnership with the Medford Police Department, the district is investing in a fifth Medford Police Department School Resource Officer (SRO). The five SROs will be primarily stationed at each of the secondary schools (Hedrick, McLoughlin, Central, North and South) and each officer will have 2-3 elementary schools to serve when needed.

“Our SROs are highly trained, nationally certified and act as ‘teacher, counselor and law enforcement officer’ in that order,” said Shumate. “They have been invaluable in our schools and we are happy to expand the program.”

In addition to the doorbells, over the last two years, the district has been training staff in ALiCE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) principles for an active shooter situation. Over 300 employees have gone through simulated scenarios, including 95% of administrators. This year, MSD will be adding an online training for all employees to ensure understanding of the ALiCE principles.

“While our business is educating all students, our number one priority is keeping them safe,” said Shumate.