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Facility Upgrades

Aug. 16, 2018

While many get to rest during the summer months, the Medford School District (MSD) Facilities Department takes on an extensive list of projects to ensure that our schools are safe and well maintained. With all the smoke and heat our teams faced this summer, we are exceptionally grateful for their hard work and dedication to our schools, students, and community. Alongside the routine maintenance required to keep up 19 schools (which includes new paint, windows, grounds, filters, lights, etc.), several notable projects are highlighted below.

Griffin Creek Elementary School underwent some large changes with the addition of four new classrooms, a new parking lot, and seismic rehabilitation for the school to meet Life Safety and Immediate Occupancy standards. Because of the new classrooms, Griffin Creek's playground was relocated and they also received a new field. A new staff parking lot was also added.

Classroom construction

Classroom construction interior

Dirt field - before

Grass field - after

Seismic reconstruction


Howard Elementary School also underwent seismic rehabilitation. With our schools meeting the Immediate Occupancy standards, the benefit reaches beyond our students and out to the community. These types of upgrades could not happen without a massive team effort and we are thankful for all those that took part in upgrading our buildings. The renovations also included a new parking lot. 

Concrete construction

Parking lot construction

Roof construction

Roof completion


Teams at Hedrick Middle School worked diligently to prepare for the upcoming addition of Sixth Grade Academy. New lockers were added in the hallways and locker rooms and two classrooms were split to form additional rooms for the new 6th grade students. Hedrick’s gym floor was also refinished along with all other wood floors in the district.

Wall construction

Wall construction continued

New lockers \

New locker room

Gym floor


Even with all of the challenges faced during this hot and smoky summer, our teams of custodial staff, maintenance staff, architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers came together and accomplished so much for benefit of our schools and communities. We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for all those who worked through the summer to give our students a smooth transition into the 2018-2019 school year.

Summer staff breakfast

Smoky morning