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Third Annual Community Resource Fair

Jackson Elementary to Host 3rd Annual Community Resource Fair

The Family Success Team at Jackson Elementary School is collaborating with more than a dozen community organizations to host their annual Family Community Resource Fair. Families will be able to connect with organizations such as Kid Time, Kid’s Unlimited and Maslow right on the front lawn of their neighborhood school.

“It’s important for families to have a connection to local community resources. There are many agencies available to support our students and school,” said Jackson Elementary School Principal Marisa Poling. “When families are supported and homes are healthy, children are able to successfully learn in school.”

Jackson Elementary School has long served as a resource for families living in poverty in the West Medford neighborhood by providing access to nutritious food, supplies and early childhood education through a variety of programs. Principal Poling said this fair takes that support to the next level. “We all recognize that none of us can ‘do it alone’ so the collaboration is essential.”

Please help us spread the word about this fair that will be held on Jackson Elementary School’s front lawn on September 26th from 4-6 pm.

Contact Jackson Elementary School for details at 541-842-3770.