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MSD Schools Presented with SEC Incentives

Even the facilities department gets excited about summer break! Not only is it unhindered time to focus on large projects and deep cleaning, it is a season where energy conservation shows its colors with tangible results.

The Medford School District (MSD) has worked hard to have a deliberate and comprehensive summer shutdown process.  Small steps and habits can significantly curb energy consumption district wide.  The effort yields a savings of around $50,000 for the summer months.

As a member of the Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program, energy efficiency is incentivized.  After receiving more than $5,000 from the SEM program for achieving performance milestones, the facilities department worked to pass that savings back to the schools. Ruch, McLoughlin, Abe Lincoln, Howard and Roosevelt were all presented a $1,000 check for their exemplary support of the process and excellence in energy conservation. 

We partner with the schools to strike a balance between an effective educational environment and an efficient energy conservation program. It really comes down to opportunity cost. Our robust energy conservation program allows us to  put money back into the schools in other areas.

All schools that received the incentive were excited to put the funds toward upcoming site based projects!

It really is a win-win for the MSD as an organization that allows all of us to be part of an effort that makes a difference on many levels.

Ruch Award

Ruch Outdoor Community School K-8

Mac Award

McLoughlin Middle School

Howard Award

Howard Elementary School

Roosevelt Award

Roosevelt Elementary School

ALE Award