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MSD Limited In-Person Instruction

Medford School District: Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI)


Teachers and administrators at each school will work together to identify the unique needs of their students and determine how to best address those needs with an instructional plan that includes strong Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) and dynamic and robust Limited In Person Instruction (LIPI).


  • While all schools will participate in LIPI, students cannot be penalized for not participating, and LIPI will not take the place of teaching content for Comprehensive Distance Learning
  • To implement LIPI, school administrators will work with their building staff to determine the staffing necessary to support LIPI for both certified and classified members.
  • Schools are actively planning to expand in-person instruction for when our case rates decrease or guidance changes. 
  • While Jackson County is “in red,” caps will be in place for the number of students in LIPI (see considerations below). 
  • ODE current guidelines provide the framework for all plans.
  • All students are eligible to participate in LIPI to support and supplement their academic, social, and emotional needs. 
  • Schools will use the Protocol for determining eligibility as a guideline.


  • School staff will engage in a collaborative effort to design the LIPI plan, staffing, and schedules to best meet the needs of the students and staff in their building.
  • Teachers may work within grade level teams to determine the LIPI focus based on the specific needs of their students.
  • While designing school site LIPI plans will be a collaborative effort, the process for doing this can be different at each school.


  • Cohorts are limited to a maximum of 20 students.
  • Students may be in a maximum of two cohorts per week.
    • 1 bus cohort + 1 instructional cohort = 2 cohorts
  • Staff may be a part of no more than three cohorts per day and five cohorts per week.
  • Per ODE guidance, one student working with a teacher, by definition, does not constitute a cohort. If teachers are involved in individual 1 to 1 interactions and not cohorts of multiple students, they should limit interactions to no more than 60 total students a day.
  • While Jackson County is in red, student count (one student can come multiple times in a week and still only count as one) per building, per week is capped at the following levels: 
    • 150 elementary
    • 200 middle
    • 350 high school
  • After school activities and athletics are considered separate from LIPI.