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MSD Limited In-Person Instruction

Medford School District: Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI)



  • While all schools will participate in LIPI, students cannot be penalized for not participating, and LIPI will not take the place of teaching content for Comprehensive Distance Learning
  • ODE Guidance on Limited In-Person Instruction provides the framework for all plans, including guidance on needs that may qualify students for LIPI.
  • Building school LIPI plans is a collaborative effort.
  • Students invited for LIPI will be notified by the school. 
  • Busing will be provided to eligible students. 


  • Schools will design plans for how best to meet the needs of students and staff at each school by cohort and location(s).
  • Teachers can work within grade-level teams to personalize LIPI at their school.
  • While designing school LIPI plans will be a collaborative effort, the process for doing so can be different at each school.
  • All staff can assist with LIPI.


  • All schools submitted ODE blueprints prior to starting LIPI. 
  • All ODE safety guidance will be followed including mandatory masking, physical distancing, and frequent disinfecting. 
  • One bus ride + One instructional group = Two cohorts.
  • 250 students per building, per week. (One student can come multiple times in a week and still only count as one.)
  • Staff can work with three cohorts a day and five per week.

For questions about LIPI, please contact your school.