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Resolution Letter from the Board

Dec. 4, 2020

Greetings, Southern Oregon Community, 

We are pleased to share with you that our Board, the Medford School District (MSD) Board of Directors, recently passed an important resolution urging Governor Brown to prioritize the return of students to in-person instruction. Our district is currently in full comprehensive distance learning with some allowable limited in-person instruction due to COVID rates in Jackson County not meeting the metrics set forth by the state to return to large-scale, district-wide in-person instruction. 

As you may know, educating students well, including focusing on their mental, emotional, physical, and social wellbeing is the MSD’s primary goal. At the same time, the district's highest priority is to safeguard the health and wellness of its students, staff, and the community at large. Despite heroic efforts by MSD teachers and staff who are working harder than ever before, there are currently undeniable setbacks to student’s educational and mental health due to comprehensive distance learning. 

Findings from other states and countries where schools reopened are demonstrating that schools are not super spreader events, but in fact, serve as guardians against transmission because social distancing and masking are adhered to, contact tracing is performed, and robust communication with local public health authority occurs. While the MSD has had cases, at the time this letter was drafted, it has not had a single outbreak. A strong commitment to safety has made this possible. 

The Medford School Board urges Governor Brown to prioritize the return of all students in grades K-5, with an ultimate goal of returning all students to school, by establishing metrics that follow the science and align with many states and countries which have prioritized education first and foremost by reopening schools, or delegating authority to local districts to decide when it is appropriate for these students to safely return to school.

As an individual, please consider supporting this effort by signing a support form for our resolution by December 21, 2020. We will be sending the full list of supporters to Governor Brown, state elected officials, and the Oregon Department of Education. 

For your school board, please consider supporting this effort by passing a similar resolution in your school district. If you are interested in doing so, here is a link to an editable version of our resolution as a starting point.  If your district has already passed such a resolution, please send a copy to, as well. 

Thank you for your support for our students! 


MSD Board of Directors