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MSD Launches "Golden Pear" Recognition Program

Teacher Recognition Program

The Golden Pear Teacher Recognition Program’s mission is to celebrate and honor excellence in teaching for those teachers who are improving the lives of students.  Publicly recognizing outstanding teachers elevates the profession of teaching, encourages students to think about teaching as a career, and provides the community a sense of pride and investment in their teachers who are making a positive impact on student’s lives every day. 

Join us as we elect three Golden Pear Teachers annually, one from an elementary, middle and high school level.


Support Staff Recognition Program

The mission of the the Golden Pear Support Staff Recognition is to highlight the amazing people we have assisting and supporting our students and staff. 

It takes many dedicated and caring individuals to help provide kids with the tools they need to graduate and to be lifelong learners. Our Support Staff at the Medford School District have an important role in assisting students not only with their academic education, but also in helping them to grow as individuals.  

A Golden Pear Support Staff Employee is that individual who can inspire and lift students, is respected by those around them, plays an active role in the school or the district, and is a person who tries to make the educational experience a valuable one for students and families.


Nominations are due by 4pm on November 1, 2016.