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Photo Release Information

Sept. 2, 2016

Medford School District staff oftentimes take photos and videos of students during field trips, school events, sports activities, performances and during classroom instruction to share the work and accomplishments of students. Those accomplishments are shared through the District website, social media, print publications, fliers and brochures. The District also works with local news media to promote student work, as well as District projects and initiatives.

If you do not want your students’ image to be published, please visit your school office to fill out a Publicity Denial form. We will make every effort to protect the privacy of your student.

Please note, the District cannot guarantee a student’s image will not be published if the student is photographed/videotaped in a large group or crowd setting such as school assemblies, sports events, and public meetings.

Please contact Communications Specialist Natalie Hurd with any questions at 541-842-1095 or