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Attendance Initiative

Oct. 5, 2016

At the Medford School District, we believe attendance is vitally important to the success of our students. Because attendance is fundamental to student success and because our District is committed to student learning, it is imperative that we notify parents when students are absent from school. As you may know, we recently sent home communication making you aware of the District’s initiative that places an emphasis on attendance and notifies parents of attendance issues.

We certainly understand there are circumstances, such as illnesses, that may cause students to miss school. In these instances, we are committed to working with families to determine solutions that work best for each student. If your child has an illness or circumstance causing him/her to miss school, please contact your school’s principal or attendance office.

We appreciate that all of our families value attendance as a vital part of each student’s educational experience.  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 


Oct. 4, 2016

Medford School District Families:

As you may know, the Medford School District is making progress in many areas and we want to keep the district on a trajectory of continuous improvement. I am challenging our staff to ensure that we have 'A Place for Every Kid' which means that our schools should be designed so that every student finds his/her place to make connections, meaning and understanding with their daily school experience, with their teachers, and with their peers.

Part of our efforts to help students succeed is to increase communication to our parents and students around the importance of attendance. Attending school every day helps our students build a solid foundation for their future in school and in life.

Our new attendance strategy includes an attendance management system that carefully tracks days missed and ensures that parents are notified in a timely manner. Our goal is to connect with parents quickly so that we can remove any barriers that families face in getting students to school.

This new system includes contacting parents by mail regarding all absences. The first truancy letter informs parents of unexcused absences as defined by Oregon Truancy Laws. When students incur 14 or more unexcused or excused absences, parents will be asked to attend a conference with the school administrator to review absences, work on solutions to address attendance issues, and discuss what may occur if unexcused or excessive absences continue. Further, students who incur fourteen or more absences may be required to attend truancy court with their parent(s).

We understand there are unavoidable illnesses or other times when your child should remain at home, however we also know that absences add up quickly and attendance is critical to your child’s success.

We are committed to achieving our goals by supporting our students, families and staff and attendance plays a huge part in the success of students. Together, let’s enhance a culture that attendance is vitally important.

Thank you for your continued support.

Brian Shumate