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Medford School District Increases Services to Migrant Students

migrant summer  bugs r  

Elementary students smile for the camera                  Bugs R Us visits Migrant Summer School at Jackson

rockets  rockets2  

Making rockets at Migrant Summer School McLoughlin

smoothie bike  bike

A student tests out a smoothie making blender bike as part of a nutrition course in the Migrant Summer School at Central

July 21, 2017

Medford School District Increases Services to Migrant Students

The Medford School District (MSD) is serving more students than ever in its Migrant Summer School program thanks, in part, to increased outreach efforts.

Over the last three years, the MSD’s Migrant Summer School has nearly doubled in size with approximately 320 students participating this summer.

“Migrant Education programs are designed to help students overcome educational disruption, cultural and language barriers, and social isolation,” said Federal Programs and School Improvement Supervisor Terri Dahl. “These programs offer extra help to the students who need it the most.”

Students qualify for migrant student services if they have moved school district boundaries over the last three years because their families are looking for agricultural or seasonal work. Migrant Summer School programs serve students from preschool to high school and offer an academic boost for the school year by providing English and Spanish language development and content instruction.

“This program is designed to break down barriers associated with language when students are engaged in academic learning,” said Dahl.

The MSD is collaborating with a number of community groups to provide activities for students this summer. Activities include “Bugs ‘R Us” natural sciences unit, rocket building/STEM education, and nutrition activities.