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Measure 98 Funds to be Used for New, Innovative Programs

Sept. 21, 2018

Due to the passage of voter-approved Measure 98, the Medford School District will be receiving $1.7 million in funds to better prepare every student to be successful in life after high school.

“Since we received confirmation of funds this summer, our staff has been brainstorming and planning ambitious and innovative ways to utilize those funds to maximize our focus on Career and Technical Education, College and Career Readiness and Dropout Prevention,” said Superintendent Brian Shumate.

The Medford School District is planning to make a substantial investment in Career and Technical Education (CTE).

We currently have a variety of programs and have recently added programs through our Pathways program in pre-engineering, pre-law, and pre-education, however, we have much room to grow,” said Shumate.

In this area, the MSD plans to add:

  • An Electrical program
  • A Heating Ventilation and Air (HVAC) program
  • A Plumbing program
  • A Computer Science program
  • Upgrades to our Automotive program
  • New equipment and technology
  • New staff to support CTE programs

“Our goal is for every student to pursue a Pathway that includes a coherent four course sequence of courses and have the ability to receive dual credit, articulated credit or some type of industry certification,” Shumate said. “These programs all may lead to high skill, high wage professions!”

The Medford School District is also planning to make substantial investments in College and Career Readiness. In this area, the MSD plans to:

  • Set aside funds to pay tuition for students who want to take classes at SOU or RCC while still in high school.
  • Revamp our guidance counseling services.
  • Pay for student assessments like the ACT, SAT, and PSAT.
  • Hire four Education Navigators to serve the secondary schools.
  • Redesign our College and Career Seminar courses.

The Medford School District is planning to make substantial investments in the area of Dropout Prevention.

You have heard me say that in the Medford School District, we provide a ‘Place for Every Kid.’ Investments in dropout prevention provide equal access to each student in exploring paths to their future,” said Shumate.

 In this area, the MSD will:

  • Create an Online School to open in the fall of 2018 that will give students the opportunity to take a variety of classes remotely or within the traditional school environment. This school will ultimately allow students to create personalized pathways, utilizing a variety of credit acquisition modalities and creative uses of time.
  • Bolster mental health support, including a staff member fully dedicated to providing suicide prevention techniques for staff and students.
  • Increase supports for students and staff in dealing with adverse childhood experiences.
  • Increase supports for families in need.
  • Increase supports for our homeless population.
  • Collaborate with the Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) to purchase bus passes for all high school students at a discounted rate.

Several of these initiatives are already under way and many are in the planning stages.

“Together with our staff, families, and community, we are already improving student achievement, reducing opportunity gaps, and transforming student lives,” said Shumate. “We would like to thank the voters for making this investment in our students and our future.”