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2018-19 Calendar Approved

Medford School District Families:

As many of you know, the Medford School District has been exploring the option of beginning the school year prior to Labor Day. We issued a survey to families and staff last spring and in October of 2017. The response was positive overall regarding starting the school year four days early next year. Thank you for all of your thoughtful feedback on the matter.

On January 8, the Medford School District Board of Directors approved the proposed calendar to begin the 2018-19 school year on Monday, August 27, the week before Labor Day weekend. You will still have a four-day Labor Day weekend and the school year is scheduled to end four days earlier than normal, on Wednesday, June 5.

As you know, this breaks from the past practice of beginning the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend.

We believe that the change to starting before Labor Day will benefit students, families, and staff as far as student achievement and the rhythm of the school year. Students will receive four additional instructional days prior to spring assessments. The third quarter will end prior to Spring Break, instead of after it.

Here is a link to the calendar for your review.

Thank you again for your continued support.


Brian Shumate