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Griffin Creek Improvements

May 9, 2018

When students and staff return to Griffin Creek Elementary School in the fall, they will be greeted by a new look and feel.

“They’ll have fields that are green, four brand new classrooms, new walkways, seismic upgrades, and brand new asphalt in the staff parking lot,” said Medford School District Facilities Manager Ron Havniear. “They’ll have new space, adequate space, and safer space.”

Work at Griffin Creek began in the summer of 2017 to tackle a number of issues. An irrigation overhaul now connects the school to the city’s water supply as opposed to irrigation water, which was inconsistent, drying the fields.  

“The fields were quickly deteriorating and became devoid of grass.  It became a safety issue for the students and staff of Griffin Creek and a constant maintenance issue for the facilities department," said Havniear.

picture of dry fields  picture of green fields

Griffin Creek is one of five Medford schools to receive seismic upgrades through a state funded program to bring schools up to safety standards. The total cost is estimated at $1.5 million, covered by the grant funds.

Last, but maybe most noticeable, are the four classrooms currently under construction.

“Our school was at capacity,” said Principal Louis Dix. “The new classrooms will benefit students and staff immensely. It will create an exceptional learning environment.”

Not only will the classrooms provide space for students and staff, in their current construction phase, they are serving as an educational opportunity for students who can watch first-hand as their classrooms come to life. The district is investing $2 million into the project.

classroom under construction  classroom under construction

“While doing construction during the school year is never ideal, it has created learning opportunities for the students and memories that they will carry with them for years to come,” said Havniear. “They are very excited to see the positive transformation that is occurring across campus and proud to be part of it.”

The classrooms are expected to be complete in time for the start of the 2018-19 school year.