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Our Peer Mentor Program makes a difference in students' lives.

This has been the first year with our Peer Mentor program. We are up to over 70 mentors and nearly as many mentees. This week a videographer from Los Angeles came on behalf of the organization "Inclusion Works" to interview some of our mentors and mentees in an effort to help other schools realize the potential of this powerful program. This is a fantastic way for kids to get involved and practice more inclusive habits. These kids are changing the world each day with their kind, caring, helpful, and inclusive ways. Whether it is some extra help in a subject area, or being a friend on the playground, these kiddos are making the world a kinder place starting right here at ALE. They are helping to lead by example and show that regardless of our abilities, we are ALL able to lend a helping hand!

Here is the link to the video from Inclusion Works:

Peer Mentors 2017