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Resolve It Path

We all have times of conflict in our lives that can hurt our feelings.  We want students to have a way to address conflict with peers in a positive way when it occurs.  Our Restorative Justice team at ALE has introduced a new concept to our students that will encourage children to resolve conflict with each other. Each class has had a demonstration on how to use our new “Resolve It Path”.  Our Student Senators were the first to be trained on how to use this tool and then taught the rest of our school.  We are also working on training “Peace Keepers” to facilitate the use of the path.  These Peace Keepers are student leaders in our school and are an objective third person who is there to help the conflict be resolved.  Thanks to the help of Southern Oregon Signs, we will have 5 of these vinyl paths available in our school for children to use inside or outside. 


This effort is the next phase of our Restorative Justice implementation at our school.  Please follow the link to learn more about Restorative Justice at Abraham Lincoln.