Medford High School Class of 1953

Medford High School Class of 1953 will hold its 55th class reunion August 15-17, 2008.

Computer programmer needed to maintain website:  Medford High School Class of 1953 has a YAHOO website established, but not designed as yet.  One of our classmates might be a systems analyst specialist or a computer specialist who will take on the task of designing and formatting the website.  We, as a committee, are soliciting a classmate to take on this task.  Please call Bill Walton, 541-664-6753

Friday, August 15, 2008

Registration:  Sign-in, name tag issuance, and handout issued starting at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, August 15, 2008, at Knights of Columbus facility at 772 Black Oak Drive in Medford (near corner of Barnett Rd. and Black Oak Dr.).  Pre-paid mail-in registration fee of $15 per person accompanying your registration form.

Luncheon:  Knights of Columbus starts at 12 noon and will continue until 2:30 p.m. (open ended for socialization the remainder of the afternoon).  The Reunion Committee is hosting the luncheon..............Chair Bob Christian and Bob Hayes

Evening of Socialization:  Hors-de-oeuvres and beverages at Bev McDougall's home, 2508 Delta Waters Rd., Medford beginning at 7 p.m. .......Hosts Bev McDougall and Bill and Brenda Walton


Your committee has been meeting every month for the past year.  We either meet at a luncheon, dinner or at a committee member's home.  The same committee member's have done their assigned task for as many decades, it has become second nature in accomplishing the task assigned.  To an outsider, our meetings are an informal chaotic mismanagement non-decision making group of old folks, who don't listen to each other, and talk over one another.  We as a group accomplish socialization, gossip, cell phone interruptions, exchange our aches and pains, symptoms and histories, share telephone calls with the entire group, wait for Shirley and when she does arrive, we inform her on all the decisions we make during the first thirty minutes of the meeting.  This takes only five seconds, since we spend the first half hour in an informal mismanagement non-decision making mental mode.  In reality, we don't have to meet at all since any member of the com mittee could perform the tasks in their sleep.  We have been doing the same tasks for over half of a century.  There is one exception.  No one can take the place of Darrel Brittsan when he gives his performances at the reunion dinner gatherings.

Dennis Davis and his wife Dotttie travel monthly to our committee meetings from Eugene.  I asked Dennis why he traveled so far for a three hour committee meeting.  His reply was, "Where else can you enter a meeting with a hug from everyone and have socialization, catch up on gossip, exchange our aches and pain symptoms and histories, and depart the meeting with another hug from everyone".

Pome Roy and his wife Darolen travel from the Portland area for the committee meetings. Pome Roy stated, "Wouldn't miss the socialization and renewal of friendships".

Your faithful committee members are:  Rita Bingham, Bob and Debbie Christian, Dennis and Dottie Davis, Shirley (Fichtner) and Don Dempsey, Duane and Darlene Franklin, Duane and Laura Goodman, Bob and Sherril Hays, Jerry Lambo, Bev McDougall, Pome Roy and Darolen Sorum, Ron and Lou Spinas, Carol (Van Ausdall) Loros-Oaks, and Bill and Brenda Walton.


We, as a committee, have committed to make your 55th reunion the most reward experience with a new format for the evening dinner gathering.

For more information, call Jerry Lambo at 734-3827, Bob Christian at 535-1502, or Bill Walton at 664-6753.