How can I change my network password?

Posted by: Helpdesk

From a district computer, please follow one of the methods below.

METHOD 1:   [NOTE:  MUST BE USED IF YOUR PASSWORD HAS EXPIRED] At the Windows login screen; click Create a Password Reset Disk. (Don't be confused by the text. You are not creating a a disk.) The Specops Password Reset window will open --> enter your user name (firstname.lastname) --> click Next. Answer your 3 security questions. You will then be prompted to enter your new password. Your password must contain at least 8 characters and cannot be any of your previous 3 passwords. Ener your new password and then confirm your new password by typing it again. Click Finish.

METHOD 2: Click on the START button --> click on All Apps --> locate and click on the Specops Software folder --> Click on the Specops Password Reset folder --> Click on Change Password. You will be taken to the Password Reset web program to create a new password.

METHOD 3: Once logged into the computer press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, select Change a Password and follow the prompts.

From home, please follow this method.

METHOD 1: Launch your internet browser--> go to the MSD website --> click the Staff link. Click the Employee Web E-mail link --> In Outlook Web App click the Reset Password link --> the Password Reset window will open. Enter your user name: firstname.lastname --> click Next. Answer your three security questions --> type your New Password --> confirm your new password by retyping it --> click Finish.

Please remember that once your password is changed, any external devices (phone, tablet, wi-fi, etc.) will need to be updated with your new password. If you do not update the password on your external devices, this may result in your account being locked out automatically.