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Frequently Asked Questions

Elementary Education School Registration
How do I find out if my child needs a transfer?

Q: How old does my child need to be to start school?
A: Children who are five years old on or before September 1st are eligible for Kindergarten. Registration papers can be completed at any Medford elementary school. Proof of birth date and an immunization record are required to complete registration.

Medford School District Board policy (JEBA-AR) allows the parents of a child whose 5th birthday falls between September 2nd and October 1st to apply for early entrance to kindergarten, if the child’s needs for cognitive, social and physical development would best be met in the school program, as defined by the district school board policy. For more information on early entrance to kindergarten, please click here.

School Board Policy JEBA ENTRANCE AGE

For more information, contact Dar Anderson or Kelly Tibbets.

Q: What immunizations does my child need to start school?
A: Click here for a flyer with a complete list of required immunizations.

For more information, see our School Health Services page.

Q: How do I transfer my child to a different school?
A: School board policy allows children residing in one 549C elementary school attendance area to transfer to another 549C elementary school under the following conditions:

Parents must submit a completed Medford Elementary School Intradistrict Transfer Request form. A separate form must be completed for each child for whom the family is seeking a transfer. 

  1. Requests for an intradistrict transfer will either be approved, approved with conditions, or disapproved by the superintendent or the superintendent's designee based on the following factors:
    • Approval of both the principal of the Neighborhood school and the receiving school;
    • Availability of space at the receiving school and anticipated additional enrollment at the receiving school;
    • Any special services required for the requesting student;
    • Any learning or behavior problems evidenced in the record of the requesting student;
    • Any other criteria which the superintendent, the superintendent’s designee, and/or the principals of the Neighborhood School and the receiving school deem relevant.
  2. Until a decision has been made to allow a student’s intradistrict transfer request, the student is expected to register and attend their Neighborhood School.
  3. Approval of an intradistrict transfer for one student in a family does not automatically apply to other students in the same family, although parents/guardians may request that students from the same family be considered together.
  4. Students whose consent is revoked for violation of set attendance and/or behavior standards will not be allowed to apply for an intradistrict transfer in the same or the following school year.
  • For optimum planning attendance area transfer forms should be submitted by June 1 to be considered for school opening in the fall term. 
  • If the transfer decision can be made before the school year begins, registration may be at the approved school.  Otherwise, the student is expected to register and attend their home school until a decision to allow attendance at another school is made.
  • Responsibility for transportation to the receiving school shall be assumed by the parent/guardian. Students must be delivered to school and leave school at times established by the principal. 
  • The transfer will ordinarily remain in effect until the student completes the highest grade in the receiving school, the student’s parent/guardian requests that the intradistrict transfer be rescinded, or the transfer is revoked.
  •  Active transfers will be reviewed at the end of each quarter.  Transfers may be revoked during the school year upon recommendation of the principal. Transfers may be revoked for the following reasons (but not limited to):
    • The information submitted on the transfer request form is determined to have been falsified;
    • The student's attendance is less than satisfactory, as defined by the requirements of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA);
    • The student does not maintain good behavior at the receiving school.

School Board Policy JECBB-AR Intradistrict Transfer Students

For more information, please go to our Enrollment and Transfer Center.

Q: What school attendance area do I live in?
A: Click here to look up your school attendance area using your address.